Natural Skin Care for Scars

Scars or battle wounds look pretty cool in movies and in media, but walking around like scar face isn’t something everyone want to do. Most people would rather fade there scars so they can have a clean looking body rather than a rugged appearance. I’ll be the first one to admit as cool as a scar looks, it doesn’t help you get a job. So you are probably wondering what you can do about your unsightly scars. Well first things first before you get sucked into looking for cures let’s find out what a scar is.

A scar is skin tissue that has been damaged and then heals. When your skin heals fibrous connective tissue forms often leaving a dark flat, or raised scar. There are many types of scars including the most common:

Keloid Scars, which are raised smooth hard scars.   It’s occurs when there is an over growth of scar tissue.

Atrophic scars, which is a depressed scar, it is caused by damaged fat, tissue, or collagen, under the skin.

Hypertropic scars, similar to keloid scars they can be raised but usually don’t become as raised and often heal without treatment.

Acne Scars, anyone who has had acne knows about these types of scars, they are either pitted, leave a discolored mark, or both.

When you go about looking for ways to reduce the appearance of your unsightly scar you might want to try a review site like: Looking products that contain natural ingredients, more specifically for scar creams you should look for products with silicone based ingredients. Silicon is an element found in silica, which is sand, one of the most common natural materials on earth. Silicone can promote healing by softening and fading old and new scars. is a scar gel that is a silicone based gel. It has been marketed to flatten raised scars like keloids, the manufacture also claims it softens skin.

Moisturizing your scar is a natural way to soften the hard tissue. in addition to moisturizing the outside of your skin you can hydrate the inside of your body by drinking lots of water every day. Certain studies have found that water is very important for mitosis to occur in the body. Mitosis is when cells divide which is exactly what happens when your skin tries to heal it’s self.

People with all types of scars can benefit from natural methods of managing scars, silcone gels can reduce the appearance, look, or feel of new and old keloid scars, surgery scars, and burn scars. Get more beauty and skincare info here.

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