Oily Skin-How to Help Keep It Oil-Free and Clean

Oily skin can draw unwanted attention to your face and areas like your forehead. For those who are self-conscious of their forehead.. You need a quick way to help reduce the look of your oily skin so that it will not attract so much attention.

Washing your face may offer temporary relief but there is such thing as over-washing your skin. The more often you apply products like soap or cleansers- the more likely you will create another skin issue. Cleansers and even soap are intended to strip the skin of debris, oils and other agents that can promote infection. Did you know that over washing the skin with these products can promote dry skin?

Oil is already a result of dry skin. Oil comes from the sebaceous gland when the skin is dry and it’s the body’s natural way of lubricating the skin and hair so it has a protective barrier. That is why finding an oil-control product that does not strip or dry the skin out to much is recommended. Also, using products like a moisturizer at night are beneficial so it helps keep the skin from drying out and your skin will appear more radiant.

You will notice that a lot of cleansers contain ingredients like Salicylic acid or Benzyl Peroxide. These ingredients are often used to address acne, which can result from seborrhea. These ingredients are promoted to dry the skin and can make you photosensitive. That is why a moisturizer is needed when using these products. Try to find products that do not contain these ingredients if you do not suffer from an acne issue.

Applying a warm or even a cold hand towel a few times throughout the day is one option to reduce the look of your oily skin without stripping it with a cleanser or soap. Be sure you wash these hand towels after every use so that you do not wash your face with a contaminated towel and spread bacteria.

Another option instead of soap or acne-treatments is using a toner. A toner like witch hazel offers astringent, antiseptic and toner related properties. Toners are intended to bring the skin back to its natural Ph and it can help tighten the skin. Toners are extremely beneficial on the T-ZONE (nose, between the eyebrows, and chin).

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