Scar Care Products 2016

When we were young it seems inevitable that we would fall down and get a cut. As we age it’s not always a easy for our bodies to heal those wounds.   Depending on the severity of the wound it can be hard for our body to recover. The first process that occurs when you get hurt are platelets go to the scrape and block the blood flow, clotting occurs and it becomes a scab. Next fibrous skin cells form into a scar. Age, nutrition, stress and many other factors play a role in how well your scars heal. Sometimes your scars don’t heal well naturally so your body needs help to fade , and manage your skins healing process. Using specific scar care products can help.

You can get many different types of over the counter products that can help you to fade the appearance of scars, improving the feeling and texture of your skin. There are also prescription products you can use. Scar products can be used to treat all sorts of scars that are caused by many different types of wounds and injuries. There are prescriptions that plastic surgeons can prescribe, or over the counter products that you can buy. Products can include antihistamine creams that will help with itchy scars, steroids, silicone gels, and silicone gel sheets.

Most products work to reduce the appearance of scars, and can be marketed to reduce inching and irritation as the scar heals. They can soften and fade keloid scars and hypertrophic scars. These two scars are similar as they are both raised, though keloid scars are usually raised more.

Silicone gel sheets are applied to the scared area, and are marketed to smooth the scared skin, gels and serums are also applied topically to the scar and claim to do the same thing. When looking to buy a product for your scars check to see if it claims to be effective for old and new scars, that way you can gain optimal results.

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