Tattoo Art-Should You Ink Your Body

You know those people who ink their whole body and we look at them like their crazy? Well did you know that their ink is a way to define who they are? Inked skin can give you an impression of someone’s beliefs, a tragic event in their life, their favorite object, cartoon or animated character, etc. Tattoo ink is just one way for an individual to express themselves through “art”.

Some of us do not consider tattoos art, but they are created by a tattoo artist. We all agree that there are some pretty cool tattoos and then there are those that you wonder who would pay for the design. That is why it is important to find an artist who will make your ink come out the best it can and cares about your design. If not you will have someone who ruins the look of your body just to get a quick hundred bucks or more.

Keep in mind that tattoos are one of those things that society judges you on. Most people have a form of stigma behind a tattoo and may say “tattoos are for thugs”, or “only lowlifes have tattoos”. Even employment can depend on if you have visible tattoos. This can be frustrating for those who love to express themselves through ink-art.

This is where tattoo location comes in handy. Think about your tattoo- are you only going to have one or multiple tattoos. Think about your job or the job you may want one day. It may be cool to ink your whole body if you’re going to join a biker gang, work at a bar or even become a tattoo artist yourself. But if you plan to be a lawyer or doctor or even a caterer then maybe you should find a less exploited area to have your tattoo.

Also you will need to determine the color of you ink designs. Black ink is highly visible compared to light blues, greens and yellows. Also, tattoos can fade so as the ink loses its color you may want to think of how flattering the faded color would appear on your skin. A faded black could look almost greenish-blue in color. The bbest way to keep your tattoos looking new is wearing protective clothing in the sun or wearing an SPF 15 or higher so that the sun does not start to fade your tat.

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