Tattoo Art-Should You Ink Your Body

You know those people who ink their whole body and we look at them like their crazy? Well did you know that their ink is a way to define who they are? Inked skin can give you an impression of someone’s beliefs, a tragic event in their life, their favorite object, cartoon or animated character, etc. Tattoo ink is just one way for an individual to express themselves through “art”.

Some of us do not consider tattoos art, but they are created by a tattoo artist. We all agree that there are some pretty cool tattoos and then there are those that you wonder who would pay for the design. That is why it is important to find an artist who will make your ink come out the best it can and cares about your design. If not you will have someone who ruins the look of your body just to get a quick hundred bucks or more.

Keep in mind that tattoos are one of those things that society judges you on. Most people have a form of stigma behind a tattoo and may say “tattoos are for thugs”, or “only lowlifes have tattoos”. Even employment can depend on if you have visible tattoos. This can be frustrating for those who love to express themselves through ink-art.

This is where tattoo location comes in handy. Think about your tattoo- are you only going to have one or multiple tattoos. Think about your job or the job you may want one day. It may be cool to ink your whole body if you’re going to join a biker gang, work at a bar or even become a tattoo artist yourself. But if you plan to be a lawyer or doctor or even a caterer then maybe you should find a less exploited area to have your tattoo.

Also you will need to determine the color of you ink designs. Black ink is highly visible compared to light blues, greens and yellows. Also, tattoos can fade so as the ink loses its color you may want to think of how flattering the faded color would appear on your skin. A faded black could look almost greenish-blue in color. The bbest way to keep your tattoos looking new is wearing protective clothing in the sun or wearing an SPF 15 or higher so that the sun does not start to fade your tat.

Oily Skin-How to Help Keep It Oil-Free and Clean

Oily skin can draw unwanted attention to your face and areas like your forehead. For those who are self-conscious of their forehead.. You need a quick way to help reduce the look of your oily skin so that it will not attract so much attention.

Washing your face may offer temporary relief but there is such thing as over-washing your skin. The more often you apply products like soap or cleansers- the more likely you will create another skin issue. Cleansers and even soap are intended to strip the skin of debris, oils and other agents that can promote infection. Did you know that over washing the skin with these products can promote dry skin?

Oil is already a result of dry skin. Oil comes from the sebaceous gland when the skin is dry and it’s the body’s natural way of lubricating the skin and hair so it has a protective barrier. That is why finding an oil-control product that does not strip or dry the skin out to much is recommended. Also, using products like a moisturizer at night are beneficial so it helps keep the skin from drying out and your skin will appear more radiant.

You will notice that a lot of cleansers contain ingredients like Salicylic acid or Benzyl Peroxide. These ingredients are often used to address acne, which can result from seborrhea. These ingredients are promoted to dry the skin and can make you photosensitive. That is why a moisturizer is needed when using these products. Try to find products that do not contain these ingredients if you do not suffer from an acne issue.

Applying a warm or even a cold hand towel a few times throughout the day is one option to reduce the look of your oily skin without stripping it with a cleanser or soap. Be sure you wash these hand towels after every use so that you do not wash your face with a contaminated towel and spread bacteria.

Another option instead of soap or acne-treatments is using a toner. A toner like witch hazel offers astringent, antiseptic and toner related properties. Toners are intended to bring the skin back to its natural Ph and it can help tighten the skin. Toners are extremely beneficial on the T-ZONE (nose, between the eyebrows, and chin).

How to Fade an Old Tattoo?

After a while the decisions you made years or even months ago might not seem so great. Sometimes we make rash decisions , its natural if your reading this your human enough to make mistakes. A tattoo doesn’t have to be a lifelong, permanent regret.  If you are feeling regret about a tattoo you got, you’re probably trying to figure out how to remove it.

Let’s get your expectations straight it’s very unlikely to remove a tattoo fully in one sitting. You can’t remove a tattoo in one go because the ink has permeated the skin on many deep levels. Let’s be realistic getting rid of all that ink at once is a hard endeavor, and the only way to really reduce the appearance of the ink in your skin safely is for it to fade, using treatments that are gradual and aren’t as damaging to your epidermis. Even with harsh applications of laser treatments you will only be able to gradually fade the tattoo.

Besides the invasive dermabrasion or salabrasion , which is when you use moist gauze pads saturated with a salt solution to abrade the tattooed area, you can use laser surgery. Doing laser treatments would mean that you would have to go back for many treatments. Laser removal is a method is preferred by many people and is probably the most common tattoo removal method. Unfortunately it is one of the most expensive and time consuming methods.   Instead of a laser removal you might want to look for a cream that can be used to fade tattoos.

This too can be very dangerous as many tattoo removal creams don’t list the information on the ingredients. Without having adequate information you wouldn’t be able to judge the possible risks associated with certain ingredients you can check reviews of products at Namely products that include things like Acids, TCA like , or Hydroquinone, all of which have negative health risks. Specifically hydroquinone has been banned in Europe because it has negative health risks. Acids and TCA products usually claim to be one time only products and can cause scarring to your skin if you don’t apply them correctly.

The creams that might be safer are the ones with labels that will naturally help to fade and reduce the appearance of your tattoo because they aren’t as invasive and aren’t known to cause scars on the skin.