Scar’s, what are they?

Everyone has gotten hurt at some point in their life. After becoming wounded, the healing process starts and sometimes long lasting scars will develop. Scars are actually an area of fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin, similar to collagen but with a different molecular structure. Different types of scars one being keloid scars which are raised due to your body aggressively trying to heal the area, there are contracture scars which are usually caused by burns they go deep down into the skin in some cases, and can make it hard for you to move the area because they tighten the skin. Hypertrophic scars which are common red scars, and acne scars which include a whole subgroup of other types of scars.    No matter what the cause of your scar is or the type, there are things you can do to improve the look of your scar. You can try scar removal surgeries, or you can use a topical cream that would improve the appearance of your scar for example one found at

The different methods you can choose each have their own pros and cons, for example topical treatments, this includes gels, creams, ointments, and even silicone gels. Using creams can help to improve the look of your scars as you rub a generous amount of the products onto your scar, this is one of the cheapest and least invasive methods you can use to reduce the appearance of your scar. Then there is surgury which can range from skin grafts, excision, dermabrasion, or laser surgery. This method isn’t very cost-effective, and can be very invasive with multiple treatments needed to improve the look of the scar. You can also get scars injected with steroids, or collagen . This treatment usually used with keloid and hypertrophic scaring. It is often used in conjunction with another method, using collagen is a solution but isn’t always effective, and doesn’t last.

Choosing the right product can be hard if you’re looking for topical products like or if you’re considering a different type of method you can . Know that it is hard to get rid of a scar and most likely there will always be scar tissue left over, you can however reduce the appearance your scar. Creams and gels work to soften and moisturize the skin while also being formulated to enhance the feeling of skin.

How to Naturally Get Rid of Your Winter Turkey Neck

So as we age our skin gets loose, in the strangest of places, including the neck. Though it’s natural and is something that most women go through it doesn’t have to be. Your sagging neck skin is something you can hide by wearing large sweaters and lots of turtle necks. However, once the holidays are over you will have to face you neck skin again. It is understandable if you might become anxious, with spring and summer just around the corner. You will be wanting to wear tank tops, but you fear that they might show your unsightly, sagging neck and decollate skin. Turkey neck can make women feel embarrassed, so much so that they will avoid wearing the comfortable shirts that they should be able to wear during the warmer seasons. Saggy neck skin might be hindering your self confidence but doesn’t have to for the rest of your life. Even though sagging is a common part of aging it is something you can improve the look of. The platysma muscles become shortened with age and this is what causes the skin on the neck to look creped, and saggy. These muscles do not have a fixed attachment to ligaments or bones so you skin starts to just hang like a turkeys neck.   As we age our skin gets more loose in the strangest of places but this time it’s really the muscles that are loose.

There are solutions to turkey neck like surgery where a doctor can pull back and life the skin on your neck to give the appearance of tighter younger looking skin. There are also neck lift exercises that people commonly assume might help the saggy skin under your neck, and even yoga practices you can try. In addition to exercise, you can buy neck creams like

Neck creams are marketed to help skin feel, and look firmer. They can help you skin feel and look smoother and more toned. Certain creams can make the skin feel more hydrated. Nobody wants turkey neck, so investing in neck creams might be something you’re interested in. You can find reviewed products at You can apply the creams topically, meaning you can apply it to you neck and décolletage, rubbing it in like a moisturizer. it can improve the texture and feeling of skin, ultimately enhancing the look of the décolleté area.